4WD Robot Car Chassis Kits with ARDUINO UNO R3, Motor, Motor Driver, Sensors,Breadboard, expansion board, wires and screw set

2pcs Metal Gear Motor, 2pcs High Quality Type, 2pcs Motor Fixed Pieces, 1pcs Universal Wheel, 2pcs Robot Chassis
1pcs L298N Motor Driver Board, 1pcs UNO r3, 1pcs Sensor Extension Plate V4, 1pcs 170 Point Breadboard,1pcs Holder, 1pcs SG90 Servo, 1pcs Ultrasonic Sensor Module, 3pcs TCRT5000 Tracing Module, 1pcs Infrared Receiving Sensor Module,1pcs Remote, 1pcs Six 5th Battery Box,1pcs 40pin Dupont Line,1pcs Screw Set.

KES 7,000.00

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4pcs High Quality Tyre
4pcs Dc Motor Pieces
2pcs Robot Chassis
1pcs L298N Motor Driver Board
1pcs UNO r3
1pc uno cable
1pc pan $ tilt for micro servo
1pcs Sensor Extension Plate V4
1pcs 170 Point Breadboard
1pcs Holder 9v battery
1pcs SG90 Servo
1pcs Ultrasonic Sensor Module
3pcs TCRT5000 Tracing Module
1pcs Infrared Receiving Sensor Module
1pcs Remote
1pcs Six 5th Battery Box
1pcs 40pin Dupont Line
1pcs Screw Set.


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