Rotary Encoder Module

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This rotary encoder knob can be rotated unlimited times. It has a flat sided shaft and has a built-in push button under the shaft.

The rotary sensors provide an output signal that is proportional to rotation. The sensors have a very fast start up from power on and provide an almost instantaneous signal.

These rotary and tilt sensors provide an accuracy and life that is not readily available from competing rotary and tilt sensing technologies such as potentiometers and Hall Effect devices.


  • 1 — Rotary Encoder Knob Module

  • Flat top
  • Push-button capability
  • Pulses per rotation: 20
  • Unlimited Rotations
  • Pins are right-angle to the knob, but you can connect them to a breadboard using male-female jumper wires
  • Standard pin spacing: 2.54mm (0.1″)
  • Dimensions (exluding pins): 26.2mm (1.03″) length x 18.5mm (0.73″) width x 28.5mm (1.12″) height
  • Total Shaft Dimensions: 20mm (0.79″) height x 6mm (0.24″) diameter
  • Turning Portion of Shaft Dimensions: 12.5mm (0.49″) height x 6mm (0.24″) diameter
  • Weight: 6.43g (0.23oz)




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