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Specifications MEMS Technology Gauge Good repeatability,linearity,stability&sensibility SOP package,back pressure Optional on PIN direction Medical Blood Pressure Sensor -SOP Pressure Sensor Features ·Ranges: 0~20kPa…700kPa .MEMS Technology ·Gauge ·SOP or DIP package ·For non-corrosive gas or liquid ·Working temp.: -40°C~+125°C ·Pressurize from back side of the chip ·Optional for pin direction


Glass Length 14mm
Glass Diameter 2mm
Total Length 45mm
Contact Form A
Max. Switching Voltage 300 VDC
Min. Breakdown Voltage 150 VDC
Max. Contact Rating 10W
Max. Switching Current 0.55 A
Max. Operate time 0.45 ms
Bounce time 0.25 ms
Max. Release time 0.35 ms
Resonant Frequency 5000 HZ
Max. Operating Frequency 400 HZ
Pull in Value 20-70 AT
Min. Drop out Value 4 AT
Max. Contact Capacitance 0.5 pF
Electrical Life 50mV-10μA-1×106


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