LAFVIN DIY 4-DOF Panda Robot Kit Programmable Dancing Robot Kit For Arduino Nano Electronic Toy/Support Android APP Control

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Item Introduction:

*Projects based on Aduno
LAFVIN Panda Robot kit is developed based on Aduno platform and has many talents inside, like auto-follow, obstacle-avoidance, IR-remote control, dancing and you can always customize it by re-programming.
*Easy-to-Follow Tutorial
Panda robot comes with CD Tutorial which will guide you how to build up the panda robot step by step and teach you how to program the robot, suitable for parents and kids to have a hands-on experience together and learn robotic knowledge at the same time.
*STEM Toy for Everyone
Perfect gift for kids even adults who are interested in electronics or robotics will love this kit and use it a STEM kit to learn engineering and programming while playing with it.
*Beautiful and Safe Package
Well-designed package stuffed with all the spare parts and parts like screws ,servo motors, and sensor modules.

Packing list:
1pcs Nano V3.0 CH340 board
4pcs SG90 Servo
1pcs Nano extension board
1pcs MINI Cable
1pcs 4PIN F-F Dupont Wire
1pcs Bluetooth Module
1pcs 18650 Battery cell
1pcs Ultrasonic Sensor
1pcs Screwdriver
1pcs Wrench
1set Acrylic Board
1set Screw Kit
1pcs CD Tutorial
3pcs Bunding belt
4pcs Rubber Mat