The Basic starter/ beginner kit Mega 2560 LAFVIN

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Component listing:
1X mega 2560 +USB cable;
1X 65PCS/pack Breadboard Jumpers;
1X830 Points Hight Quality Breadboard;
15XLED (Red, Blue, Yellow);
30X Resistors(220R, 10K, 1K);
1X 10 Pin Dupont Line(Male to Female);
1X Potentiometer;
1X Active Buzzer;
1X Passive Buzzer;
1X 74HC595N;
1X Infrared Receiving Head;
1X                                                                       LM35DZ;
1X Flame Sensor;
1X Roll Ball Switch;
3X 5mm LDR;
5X                                                                    Button Switch with Cap;
1X IR Remote Control;
1X Four Digital Tube;
1X 8*8 Dot Matrix;
1X One Digital Tube;
1X UNL2003 Driver Board;
1X 5V Stepper Motor;
1X                                                                      SG90;
1X LCD1602 IIC I2C;
1X PS2 Game Joystick;
1X DHT11 Digital Temperature and Humidity
1X Water Level Measurement Module;
1X RFID Module;
1X RFID Key Ring;
1X RFID Card;
1X Sound Module;



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