Digital Analog Converter IC MICROCHIP MCP4921

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Product Description
This allows you to generate analogue signals with 12-bit accuracy from your micrcontroller-based project. The MCP4921 device is a single channel 12-bit DAC which uses an external voltage reference. This device offers high accuracy and low power consumption, and is available in various packages. Communication with the device is accomplished via a simple serial interface using SPI protocols.

The MCP4921 provide very high accuracy and low noise performance, and are suitable for consumer and industrial applications, such as set point control, offset adjustment and sensor calibration applications. The low power consumption and small package options make these devices very attractive for many portable and battery-powered applications.


12-bit Resolution
Single Channel Voltage Output
2.7V to 5.5V Operation
Operating Current 175µA (typ)
External Voltage Reference Pin
INL ±2 LSB (typ)
DNL ±0.75 LSB (max)
Output Settling Time 4.5 µs
SPI Interface
Temperature Range -40°C to +125°C
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