line carrier module communication module st7540

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product description

  • ST7540Development board new board, useST7540 + STM8Structure, small size, is the smallest carrier on the market communication module.
  • With this module, the user can easily220VACor350VDCCarrier communication is carried out in the following environments, and empty wires that are not energized are also available.
  • After the new board, the module in the anti-jamming capability, job stability, module size, ease of use has been improved.
  • Is currently on the market the same kind of modulation under the most stable and reliable module.
  • ST7540Chip usedFSKModulation mode, half-duplex communication, line maximum communication rate4800BPS, Is widely used, the reference design of the largest line communication chip.
  • This module is based onST7540Chip toSTM8Single-chip control, to achieve a complete serial transmission function.
  • While the program download interface,ADInterface leads to user debugging and secondary development.
  • After the purchase confirmed receipt and praise you can receive the schematic,PCBMapPdfVersion), other reference material spree. This module is the best choice for rapid product development.
  • OUR also has a small module supporting the sale of modules, can be directly connected with the module to use, after the connection module without external DC supply to work. The module links as follows:
  • Http://
  • After the effect is inserted together as follows:

main feature

  • Module working : 7.5VDC – 13.5VDC
  • Module communication environment: 220VAC or 350VDC the following,Non-energized wires are available, and three-phase electrical connections are available in the same phase.
  • Microcontroller: STM8S003F3P
  • working frequency:16MHz
  • Interface type: TTL level UART serial interface RXD, TXD (rate programmable control, do GPIO)
  • 10Bit AD sampling interface (do GPIO)
  • line communication chip: ST7540 (compatible with ST7538 ST7537)
  • Communication distance: 1000m (varies with the application environment)
  • line carrier frequency: 110kHz
  • line communication rate: 600,1200,2400,4800BPS programmable configuration
  • Serial communication speed: the default 4800, can be modified.
  • Modulation: FSK
  • Working temperature: -20 ~ +70
  • Dimension: 60mm x 20mm x 16mm (L x W x H)


main application

Home appliance controller, centralized meter reading system, security monitoring system, street lamp monitoring system, industrial field transmission, cable monitoring system, intelligent home appliance control, parking management system, remote lighting control, fire and security system, stage lighting sound control

Interface Description

P2For the input interface, from left to right interface in order:




(4)7.5VDC – 13.5VDC

P5For the program download interface, from top to bottom interface in order:



(3)SWIM(Can be doneGPIO,PD1)


P3For serial andADCInterface, from left to right interface:

(1)7.5VDC – 13.5VDC (same as input voltage)

(2)UART_TX(Can be doneGPIO,PD5)


(4)UART_RX(Can be doneGPIO,PD6)

(5)ADC_IN(Can be doneGPIO,PD3)

P4for220VAC interface, from left to right interface:

(1)AC / DC(Not zero or positive or negative)


(3)AC / DC(Not zero or positive or negative)


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