Lipo Battery 3.7V 1100Mah

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Product Description:

This is JJRC H11D RC Quadcopter orginal battery
Flight Duration: About 8-11 Minutes(single battery)
Charging Time: 120 mins(single battery)
Package include:
1*3.7V 1100mah BatteriY

friendly tips:
1.please don’t charge the battery exceed its suggested charging time ,over charge may happen battery bulge distortion fracture leakage
1.plen it shows the drone power is not enough , please charge the battery immediately, don’t fly drone forcedly ;overdischarge may shorten the battery use life or make it useless
1.ple your battery is USB cable charge, please connect with your computer to charge it ,which makes charge more stable and safer . don’t use other charger arbitrarily
1.please try to use the orginal factory manufactured charger ,which have over charge protection and short circuit protection . if you need to use other charger , please make sure both voltage and electric current do not exceed battery acceptable range
1.please put your battery under dry and ventilated place , save temperature are not supposed to exceed 20-25 degrees celsius .
6. from the perspective of the protect the battery, you can try to activate the new battery before use it, activation is a repeat process of charge and discharge, like 3-5 times, the electrical discharge can not exceed the 70% capacity by every time , this process can make the battery voltage much more stable!


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