Atmega32u4 TQFP

The ATMega32U4 from Atmel is the USB enabled version of the ATmega 328, it’s used in our breakoutboard and in the arduino leonardo. In a TQFP package its quite difficult to solder, so if you aren’t comfortable with soldering SMD chips we’d reccomend you take a look at our breakout board instead.

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44-pin AVR Microcontroller
Flash Program Memory: 32 kbytes
EEPROM Data Memory: 1 kbytes
SRAM Data Memory: 2.5 kbytes
I/O Pins: 26
Timers: One 8-bit/One 10-bit/Two 16-bit
A/D: Twelve Channel 10-bit
RTC: Yes, with Seperate Oscillator
SPI: Yes
I²C: Yes
USB: Yes Fully 2.0 Compliant
External Oscillator: up to 16MHz


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