Toner Transfer Paper (“TTP”) is the ideal medium for all laser printers and toner-based copiers to be able to capture and then re-fuse the image to the copper surface for etching.

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Toner Transfer Paper (or “TTP” for short) is the ideal medium for capturing precise laser printer (or photo-copier) output being fused to the paper up at up to 1,200dpi. Toner images print perfectly to the transfer paper because the printer thinks is a regular textured sheet of paper. It readily takes all of the toner the printer can give. The circuit image on the transfer paper is then laid face-down over the copper where heat and pressure are applied making the toner image re-fuse again to the copper.

After this re-fusing step, the board is slipped into a water tray where the water soaks into the back of the paper to start dissolving the paper’s Dextrin coating. Dextrin is the coating on the top of the paper that lies between the fibers of the paper and the toner image printed on top.

Within a minute of being wet, the paper releases the toner and floats away from the board on its own. At this point the board is rinsed under tap water and dried ready for GreenTRF to seal the toner.


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