Current Sensor ACS758 200A

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  • The ACS758 Current Sensor IC provides economical and precise solutions for AC or DC current sensing.
  • Typical applications include motor control, load detection and management, power supply and DC-to-DC converter control, inverter control, and overcurrent fault detection.
  • The device consists of a precision, low-offset linear Hall circuit with a copper conduction path located near the die.
  • Applied current flowing through this copper conduction path generates a magnetic field which the Hall IC converts into a proportional voltage.
  • Device accuracy is optimized through the close proximity of the magnetic signal to the Hall transducer.
  • A precise, proportional output voltage is provided by the low-offset, chopper-stabilized BiCMOS Hall IC, which is programmed for accuracy at the factory.


  • Industry-leading noise performance through proprietary amplifier and filter design techniques
  • Integrated shield greatly reduces capacitive coupling from current conductor to die due to high dV/dt signals, and prevents offset drift in high-side, high voltage applications
  • Total output error improvement through gain and offset trim over temperature
  • Small package size, with easy mounting capability
  • Monolithic Hall IC for high reliability
  • Ultra-low power loss: 100 µΩ internal conductor resistance
  • Galvanic isolation allows use in economical, high-side current sensing in high voltage systems
  • AEC Q-100 qualified
  • 3.0 to 5.5 V, single supply operation
  • 120 kHz typical bandwidth
  • 3 µs output rise time in response to step input current
  • Output voltage proportional to AC or DC currents
  • Factory-trimmed for accuracy
  • Extremely stable output offset voltage
  • Nearly zero magnetic hysteresis


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