Flame Sensor Module Infrared IR Fire Sensor Detector For Arduino

  • Extremely sensitive to wave between 760-1100nm, Model Number: FZ0081, Output:Flame Sensor, Type:Flame Sensor, Power Supply:: 0-15 V DC

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  • High sensitivity IR receiver
  • Extremely sensitive to wave between 760-1100nm
  • Power supply indicator lamp
  • Comparator output indicator lamp
  • AO, real-time thermister voltage signal output
  • DO, high / low electric level signal output
  • Analog quantity output
  • Threshold rollover electric level output
  • Threshold adjusted by potentiometer
  • Detection Angle Range: About 60 degrees
  • Power Supply: 0-15 V DC
  • Hole Inner Diameter: Approx. 3mm
  • Size (L x W): Approx. 36 x 16mm


  • These types of sensors are used for short range fire detection and can be used to monitor projects or as a safety precaution to cut devices off / on.


  • I have found this unit is mostly accurate up to about 3 feet.

How it works:

  • The flame sensor is very sensitive to IR wavelength at 760 nm ~ 1100 nm light.
  • Analog output (A0): Real-time output voltage signal on the thermal resistance.
  • Digital output (D0): When the temperature reaches a certain threshold, the output high and low signal threshold adjustable via potentiometer.


  • VCC…… Positive voltage input: 5v for analog 3.3v for Digital.
  • A0………. Analog output
  • D0……… Digital output
  • GND….. Ground


  • Brand Name:DIYmall
  • Type:Vibration Sensor
  • Material:Mixture
  • Usage:Temperature Sensor
  • Theory:Optical Sensor
  • Model Number: FZ0081
  • Output:Flame Sensor
  • Type:Flame Sensor
  • Power Supply:: 0-15 V DC



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