LM35DZ Temperature Probe sensor

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Waterproof Digital Thermal Probe LM35DZ Temperature Probe sensor


  • There are many different package types LM35.
  • At room temperature, LM35 does not require the amount Outside the calibration process can be achieved by ± 1/4 ℃ accuracy.
  • The power supply mode of a single negative dual power supply with two, the pin is shown in Fig, positive and negative dual power supply mode provides a negative temperature measurement; two configurations of the quiescent current – temperature relationship, in the stationary self-heating effects in low temperature (0.08 ℃), single-supply mode quiescent current at 25 ℃ approximately 50μA, wide operating voltage, available in 4-20V supply voltage range work very power.
  • Operating voltage 4 ~ 30V, the voltage within the above, the current drawn from the power chip is almost constant (about 50μA), so that the chip itself is almost no problem of heat dissipation.
  • Such a small current also makes the chip is particularly suitable in some applications, such as in battery powered applications, the output can be removed by the third pin, no need calibration.


  • LM35DZ output is 0 ℃ ~ 100 ℃,
  • The probe uses new imported LM35DZ temperature sensor chip, the chip were used for each pin shrink tube separated to prevent short circuit, internal sealant, waterproof!


  • High quality stainless steel pipe anti-rust waterproof package
  • Stainless steel housing (6 * 50mm), lead length 100cm
  • Operating voltage 4.0V ~ 20V
  • Temperature range 0 ℃ ~ +100 ℃
  • Be powered by a single 5V supply, 0 ℃ when the output is 0 V, is increased by 1 ℃, the output voltage increases 10 mV
    No external components, the unique single-bus interface
  • Output leads: Red (VCC), yellow (DATA), black (GND)

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1PCS x Waterproof Digital Thermal Probe or Sensor LM35DZ


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