LoRa Antenna 3dBi

KES 500.00


Product Description
This LoRa antenna is compatible with RAK’s wide-range of LoRa modules and boards. You can use TTN’s guide to know what frequency you need based on your country/region, or use the Regional Parameters Documentation provided by LoRa Alliance.

Key Features
Frequency Band: support the Global Multiple Bands
Connector Type: SMA Male
Gain: 3.0 dBi
Polarization: Linear Polarization / Vertical
Radiation Pattern: Omni-directional
Impedance: 50 Ohm
V.S.W.R: ≤ 2.5
Max. Efficiency: ≥70%
Radiator: Copper
Body: TPE
Hinge & Holder: PA+ABS
Operation Temperature: – 30 ºC ~ + 65 ºC
Storage Temperature: – 30 ºC ~ + 75 ºC
Salt Spray Test: 48H