Node MCU LUA Wireless WiFi Internet Development Board Based CP2102 ESP8266

  • ESP8266 WiFi chip based, 10 GPIO, which can be used as PWM, I2C and 1-Wire, USB-TTL, plug-and-play
  • NodeMCU V2

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The NodeMCU V2 is an ESP8266 based development kit with open source firmware. With only a few Lua script lines, you can create your own IoT project using the module.

Arduino Hardware-IO

Advanced API for hardware IO, which can significantly reduce the duplication of hardware configuration and manipulation. The code is similar to that of Arduino, only interactive as a Lua script.

NodeJS Network API

Event-driven API for network applications that make it significantly easier for developers to write and run code in Nodejs.


  • ESP8266 WiFi chip based
  • 10 GPIO, which can be used as PWM, I2C and 1-Wire
  • USB-TTL, plug-and-play
  • PCB antenna




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