SMA WITH RED CAP TO UFL RF Female antenna 5mm

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1. RG series Coaxial Cable:Rg59, RG6, rg7, rg8, rg11, RG58, rg142, rg174,rg178, rg213, rg214, RG316, etc
2. JIS series Coaxial Cable:1.5C-2V, 2.5C-2V, 3C-2V, 3C-2VR, 4C-2V, 5C-2V,7C-2V, 10C-2V, 3D-2V, 5D-2V, 8D-2V, 10D-2V, etc
3. Vatc series Coaxial Cable:17vatc, 19vatc, 21vatc, 25vatc, kx6a, kx8;
4. TRUNK Cable:412, 500, 540
5. LMR SERIES:LMR200, LMR400, LMR600;
6. Network Cables:LAN Cable CAT3, LAN Cable CAT5, LAN Cable CAT5e,LAN Cable CAT6, LAN Cable CAT7;
7. Combined Cable:Siamese Cables: RG59+2C, RG6+LAN cable


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